Want LGBT equality? You better be voting!

The stakes are too high: The election on November 5 matters for the future of LGBT equality.  Your vote is important. Don’t sit this election out!

Here’s what you can to do to prepare to vote:

  1. If you are not registered (or don’t know if you are registered) go to the State Board of Elections website and click “check your status.”  Start the online registration process here.   Hurry – the deadline to register to vote is October 15th.
  2. Find out which district you live in, and who represents you.
  3. For the statewide races, make sure you vote for the LGBT-friendly candidates!
  4. Check out EVAdvocates website to find out which candidates we have endorsed for the House of Delegates.   If you can’t find out online if a certain candidate supports LBGT equality, call their campaign and ask.
  5. On Election Day, know in advance where to vote.
  6. Share this blog with your friends and family to make sure they are also ready to vote come the 5th of November.
  7. Consider donating to EVAdvocates to keep us on the ground until the last poll closes.  Believe us; your contribution makes a huge difference.

This election could mean the difference of having Delegates who support the LGBT community or having discriminatory and backwards-looking Delegates who could care less about equality.  Virginia needs a change in the House of Delegates and your vote will move the pendulum toward equality.



Equality Virginia PAC Endorses LGBT-Friendly Candidates for the House of Delegates

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE –  September 25, 2013

Contact: Kirsten Bokenkamp | [email protected] | 804.643.4816

RICHMOND – Equality Virginia’s Political Action Committee (EVPAC) announced today its first round of endorsements for the House of Delegates November 5 election.  In its decision, the LGBT advocacy organization took into account where each candidate stands on ending workplace discrimination, supporting the freedom to marry, extending adoption rights, and protecting Virginia’s youth.

“This is a critical election,” said James Parrish, Executive Director of Equality Virginia.  “The House of Delegates is the only thing standing in the way of full equality. If the right candidates get elected, the next few years could move Virginia into the 21st century and could be a real turning point for Virginia’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community.”

EV PAC has endorsed all incumbents who scored 100 percent on EV Advocates’ 2013 Legislative Scorecard – a tool the organization uses to track every Delegate’s support of issues that are most important to LGBT Virginians.  The PAC has also endorsed candidates who have pledged their support for LGBT priorities through Equality Virginia’s Candidate Questionnaire.

“In addition to supporting the rights of LGBT Virginians, the candidates endorsed by EVPAC understand that alienating the LGBT community bodes poorly for the well-being and achievement of our children, the business community, and the future success of the Commonwealth,” said Parrish.  “We will do everything we can to make sure these candidates win the vote in November.”

EV PAC will continue to monitor all House of Delegate candidates’ support for issues that matter to the LGBT community, and will likely make additional endorsements before the election.

In June, EV PAC announced its endorsement of Terry McAuliffe for Governor; Senator Ralph Northam for Lieutenant Governor; and Senator Mark Herring for Attorney General.  All three candidates have shown public support for LGBT rights issues.


EV PAC endorsed House of Delegate candidates: Mamye BaCote HD-95; John Bell HD-87; Robert Brink HD-48; David Bulova HD-37; Betsy Carr HD-69; Rob Farinholt HD-94; Eileen Filler-Corn HD-41; Charniele Herring HD-46; Daun Hester HD-89; Susan Hippen HD-21; Patrick Hope HD-47; Algie Howell, Jr. HD-90; Daun Hester HD-89; Mark Keam HD-35; Kaye Kory HD-38; Robert Krupicka HD-45; Alfonso Lopez HD-49; Monty Mason HD-93; Jennifer McClellan HD-71; Delores McQuinn HD-70; Joseph Morrissey HD-74; Kathleen Murphy HD-34; Kenneth Plum HD-36; Atif Qarni HD-13; Mark Sickles HD-43; Scott Surovell HD-44; David Toscano HD-57; Luke Torian HD-52; Jeion Ward HD-92; Vivian Watts HD-39; Joseph Yost HD-12


Equality Virginia’s Political Action Committee seeks equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Virginians through supporting pro-equality candidates in public office.  Since 1989, EVPAC’s affiliate organization has worked to end discrimination, protect families and build safe communities.  More information is online at EVAdvocates.org.  Connect on Facebook.com/EqualityVA or Twitter @EqualityVA.