Equality Virginia Applauds ACLU and ACLU of Virginia for filing case against Gloucester County School Board

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – June 11, 2015 Contact: Kirsten Bokenkamp, [email protected]; 804-643-4816 In response to the lawsuit filed on June 11  by the ACLU and ACLU of Virginia against the Gloucester County School Board for adopting a discriminatory bathroom policy, the following statement can be attributed to James Parrish, executive director, Equality Virginia: “Transgender students have the same needs as other students, and they must be given the same opportunity to succeed.  The job of our schools is to create an atmosphere of tolerance and respect, and part of that is ensuring that no child is stigmatized or treated differently because of who they are.  Affirming children for who they are is simply the right thing to do, and rejecting a child’s deeply held sense of who they are can have very serious consequences.  It is sad that this is even a debate.”