Coffee Talks

Coffee Talks

We all have a story to share. And our transgender advocates have incredible stories.  Transgender lives are diverse and complex, and the Coffee Talk program is a time where LGBT-affirming faith communities open their doors to advocates who, simply and bravely, share part of their life story. Our transgender advocates know that personal stories help to place transgender people within the context of their lives, friends, and families – and this is an important part of building understanding and support for the transgender community. While Coffee Talks are not educational trainings, they are wonderful opportunities for faith communities get to know transgender advocates who live in their area.

What is a Coffee Talk?

11054529_860784680634122_2007202920104561836_nOur Coffee Talk program brings communities together to explore transgender journeys through storytelling and open, candid dialogue.  Many places of faith set aside time on their day of worship to fellowship with others over snacks and coffee, and that’s when a coffee talk will take place.

Coffee Talks generally last about 30 minutes to an hour, and offer a space for one or more transgender advocates to tell their stories, after which there is plenty of time for a question and answer period.

What people are saying:

  • Williamsburg UU for fb“This was the most moving and transformational event I have attended at UUCF in over 40 years of membership”
  • “Through listening to peoples’ stories this coffee talk helped me come to my own “aha” moment of greater clarity and empathy. “
  • “There’s a lot of misunderstanding and curiosity about the trans community.  Education and meeting people is an important step in ridding yourself of any previous misconceptions that you might have had.”
  • “It’s important to realize that we are talking about people, and important to hear their stories as fellow human beings”
  • “As a transgender advocate and a Coffee Talks facilitator, I see these meetings as an opportunity to participate in healing moments with the community.”

This sounds really great, how do I get involved?

Commonwealth Baptist, for fbDo you want to share your story?  As a transgender person, a parent of a trans youth, or a  spouse/partner of a transgender person, you have an important story.  You don’t have to be an expert on the transgender community as a whole – you are an expert in your own life, and sharing your story honestly and authentically will truly impact others. Please contact Vee Lamneck at [email protected] or 804-643-4816 if you’d like to facilitate a Coffee Talk in your area.

Are you a faith leader who would like to host a coffee talk? Contact Virginia Lamneck at [email protected] or 804-643-4816.

Additional information and transgender resources: