Get Engaged

Host a Friendraiser

Spreading the word about Equality Virginia plays a big role in changing hearts and minds across the Commonwealth. Help by hosting a house party for us and inviting your friends to tell them about the work we do on behalf of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Virginians. Take a look at Lia’s story.

Want to host a party? Create an online event and invite your friends. It can be as simple as having friends over for coffee or a glass of wine.

Loop us in! Let us know you’re hosting an event for Equality Virginia by signing up here. Then, we’ll mail you a packet with bumper stickers, brochures, and information to share with your guests. Please provide us at least two weeks notice before your event.

There is no wrong way to host a friendraiser. Just share information about our work and toast to equality! We’d love it if you took pictures at your friendraiser so we can share the great work you are doing. Contributions are not a requirement of hosting a friendraiser, but we provide pledge envelopes if your guests would like to give to help fund our advocacy work.