Indiana didn’t get the memo….

...EQUALITY MEANS BUSINESS! Less than a week ago, Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed into law a bill that would give any person or any business in Indiana a license to discriminate under the guise of religious freedom.  The implications to gay and transgender people is clear. Another thing is clear too - the business community is not having it! Click here to see an info-graph that shows which businesses and other entities (including the states of Connecticut and Washington) are protesting the new discrimination law. You've probably seen the photos of the massive protests, and have wondered, what can I do to stand in solidarity with the people who are protesting this awful law in Indiana? We have the answer - Ask your favorite businesses to join Equality Means Business! Equality Means Business is a program that we have created in partnership with Equality North Carolina and South Carolina Equality.  Businesses that welcome LGBT employees and customers can join for free, and are highlighted on our online directory!  While our situation is not as dire as it is in Indiana, Virginia doesn't do much to protect LGBT people either.  For example, we have no law that says places of public accommodation (restaurants, shops, bars, hotels, theaters, pharmacies, doctor's offices...the list goes on) must serve LGBT people.  We have no law to ensure that those who are LGBT are not fired just because of who they are. That's why we need businesses in the commonwealth to stand up for fairness and equality here at home! Governor Terry McAuliffe, who earlier this week wrote a letter to Indiana's businesses, inviting them to come set up shop in Virginia, has been nothing but supportive of the LGBT community, but the majority in the General Assembly have continuously voted to keep discrimination against LGBT Virginians alive and well. With that in mind - it is time for the business community to take the lead. If you are a community member or business owner who wants to make sure that Virginia's businesses are welcome to LGBT people, check out our Equality Means Business page to see how you can be involved!