Show This Guy Virginia Can Be On The Right Side Of History

Now, we know it's a long road ahead for Virginia, but we also know we can do it with your support. We're proud of our neighbors to the north for their big victory at the polls, and it's a big move forward for equality across the nation.
Earlier this week, we received this message from one of our e-mail subscribers in Maryland:
Greetings! Well, as you surely know, Virginia is no Maryland! We in the Free State, are voting on Nov. 6th to become the Eighth State of the Union of have Marriage Equality...Today, in Maryland's early voting process, I had the honor of voting for Marriage Equality in my home state. I don't think the Old Dominion would give her gay citizens that right of vote in another 400 years...Sad, but true, and you know it! But, Good Luck with that...
  It got us fired up, how about you?  We're up for the challenge to show that Virginia is on the side of equality!  Join us, won't you?