Community Organizer

Luis Martinez

Title: Community Organizer
Pronouns: he/him

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Luis Martinez (he/him) joined the Equality Virginia (EV) team in 2021 as the Community Organizer. Originally from El Salvador and now based in the Northern Virginia region, Luis is a native Spanish speaker and he specializes in HIV advocacy within the Latinx community. His passion for defending the rights of people living with HIV started in 2009, where he was active in the San Salvador community and was responsible for coordinating awareness campaigns and social media content, as well as facilitating workshops to educate the public on HIV stigma and discrimination. Since moving to Alexandria, he has deeply immersed himself in regional advocacy, and he regularly volunteers with Impacto, a group which focuses on providing support, resources, and connections to the Latinx LGBTQ community. In addition to his work in HIV advocacy, Luis is also a graphic designer, photographer, and experienced facilitator – so, he’s quickly become EV’s jack of all trades! Luis describes himself as a very happy and passionate person, who always has a smile on his face. When he’s not working, you can find him behind a camera, spending time with animals, or simply enjoying nature. Luis looks forward to fostering meaningful relationships with community members statewide, so that EV can build a robust network of advocates across the Commonwealth.