Urge Bob McDonnell to Veto Voter Restrictions!

The Senate and House of Delegates passed new voting restrictions that are heading to Gov. Bob McDonnell’s desk.  A new photo ID requirement could disenfranchise thousands of Virginia’s eligible voters and could potentially create additional barriers for our transgender community. According for the National Center for Transgender Equality, new voter ID laws increase the likelihood that transgender voters will encounter confusion, bias, and discrimination because of scrutiny of their ID documents at the polls. Tell Bob McDonnell not to roadblock the vote by clicking here! Last year, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles implemented a much simpler policy for changing one’s gender marker.  A Gender Change Request Form (DL-17) is available on the DMV website and requires only a signature from a licensed provider attesting to the fact that the applicant is a patient of the provider and that the applicant’s gender identity is either female or male. Read more about how voter ID laws impact trans people from the NCTE.

Voting While Trans: Preparing for the New Voter ID Laws by Nat'l Center for Transgender Equality