Want LGBT equality? You better be voting!

The stakes are too high: The election on November 5 matters for the future of LGBT equality.  Your vote is important. Don’t sit this election out! Here’s what you can to do to prepare to vote:
  1. If you are not registered (or don’t know if you are registered) go to the State Board of Elections website and click “check your status.”  Start the online registration process here.   Hurry - the deadline to register to vote is October 15th.
  2. Find out which district you live in, and who represents you.
  3. For the statewide races, make sure you vote for the LGBT-friendly candidates!
  4. Check out EVAdvocates website to find out which candidates we have endorsed for the House of Delegates.   If you can’t find out online if a certain candidate supports LBGT equality, call their campaign and ask.
  5. On Election Day, know in advance where to vote.
  6. Share this blog with your friends and family to make sure they are also ready to vote come the 5th of November.
  7. Consider donating to EVAdvocates to keep us on the ground until the last poll closes.  Believe us; your contribution makes a huge difference.
This election could mean the difference of having Delegates who support the LGBT community or having discriminatory and backwards-looking Delegates who could care less about equality.  Virginia needs a change in the House of Delegates and your vote will move the pendulum toward equality.