Our community keeps us safe and helps us to thrive. We’re here to build Virginia’s LGBTQ+ community.



He She Ze & We (HSZW)

He She Ze & We aims to support, advocate, and educate families on their path to understanding gender identity. HSZW provides an inclusive space for parents, caregivers, and loved ones of nonbinary and transgender kids.

Program/service: Support and Education Programs
Purpose: To learn more about gender diverse youth while also providing support and creating community amongst one another
Eligibility: Parents/guardians of gender diverse youth in Virginia
Forms/materials needed to sign up: Contact


Families Forward Virginia

Families Forward Virginia is dedicated to ending cycles of child abuse, neglect, and poverty by working with parents and their children. Through education, training, and advocacy they hope to rewrite the stories for children to come across the state of Virginia.

Program/service: Family and Professional Education/Support Trainings or Programs
Audience: Parents, educators, helping professionals, childcare workers, or mandated reporters
Parenting Help: 1-800-CHILDREN
Abuse Report: 1-800-552-7096



PFLAG is a national organization designed to support, guide, educate, and advocate for LGBTQIA+ individuals, their families, and friends. They strive to inspire people to empower, understand, accept, and love all LGBTQIA+ children.

Program/service: Local and Virtual Support/Programs
Purpose: To provide a safe space to build community while discussing a topic of interest.
Eligibility: LGBTQIA+ youth, friend, or family member
Forms/materials needed: Get Support, Richmond Chapter


Voices for Virginia’s Children

Voices for Virginia’s Children strives to create legislative change and empower youth as well as their families to play a role in developing equitable policies. They work alongside youth advocates and helping professionals to create well-rounded, trauma-informed spaces to discuss and share their stories. Through the building of community and the elevating of voices, Voices for Virginia’s Children will help to break down systemic barriers.

Program/service: Mental health, food security, healthcare access, education, and child welfare advocacy.
Purpose: To engage and uplift voices of children and families through Virginia to create equitable policy change.
Audience: Virginia’s Youth and Families
Forms/materials needed: Youth in Action


GLSEN fights for student’s to have safe and supportive educational spaces at the national level. The chapters nationwide find ways to organize around LGBTQIA+ affirming policies, create student events, host trainings for teachers, and provide spaces for educators, parents, friends, and allies.

Program/service: Local chapters/Nationwide programs
Purpose: To ensure all kinds of students have a safe space to learn in while also providing them the tools to create positive change in their local areas.
Eligibility: Educators, parents, LGBTQIA+ students in the U.S.
Forms/materials needed: Receive Updates


Virginia Education Association (VEA)

VEA seeks to organize community members across Virginia to highlight the importance of high quality public education. Through advocacy they hope to empower students and educational professionals to create just outcomes for students and educators.

Program/service: Advocacy
Purpose: To improve work conditions for educators, increase pay, advocate for high-quality public education, and increase funding.
Audience: Students and Educators across Virginia
Forms/materials needed: Join VEA

Us Giving Richmond Connections (UGRC)

UGRC works to improve the health and overall wellness for the Black LGBTQIA+ community. They aim to create spaces and events that promote the importance of coming together, supporting, and celebrating queer people of color.

Program/service: Community Events
Purpose: To fully celebrate the Black LGBTQIA+ community in Richmond while also supporting their overall well-being.
Eligibility: Supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community and all its intersections
Forms/materials needed: Get Involved



NAACP works nationwide to mobilize people nationwide to join the fight against racial, economic, education, and health injustice. They use their efforts to help fund businesses, support, and prompte Black voices across the country.
Program/service: Advocacy
Purpose: To amplify black voices of America, support Black owned business, gather volunteers, promote voting, and an unwavering dedication to fighting injustices.
Audience: People nationwide interested in creating thriving communities free of inequalities, especially for Black Americans
Forms/materials needed: Apply for scholarships, awards, etc. and/or Become a member

Safe Harbor

Safe Harbor provides support to sexual or domestic violence and human traffic survivors on their journey to overcoming their crises. They hope to create communities where people can change their lives for the better in happy and healthy environments. Safe Harbor provides counseling, emergency housing, court advocacy, and a hospital rapid response team.

Program/service: Counseling
Purpose: Safe Harbor’s counseling services are designed to heal empower, and build resiliency among those impacted by sexual violence, domestic violence, or human trafficking. The service takes on a trauma-informed intervention approach and is open to youth who have witnessed violence as well.
Eligibility: Has experienced or witnessed sexual/domestic violence or been human trafficked
Forms/materials needed: Get Help

Program/service: Court Advocacy
Purpose: The court advocacy program is designed to provide those in need with crisis intervention, safety planning, and support navigating the court system. The Safe Harbor employee acts as a liaison, supportive presence, and as a resource.
Eligibility: Families, married couples, partners, or child sharing people seeking protective services in the Henrico County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court
Forms/materials needed: Court Advocacy

Hamkae Center

Hamkae center develops programs and campaigns to help Asian Americans of Virginia get their necessary needs met. They work alongside the community to break cyclical systemic problems in hopes to make Virginia a more equitable environment for all marginalized communities.

Program/service: Advocacy, Civic Engagement, Youth Leadership, and Organizing
Purpose: To organize community members throughout Virginia to create systemic change that meet needs of marginalized communities.
Eligibility: Virginians part of a marginalized community
Forms/materials needed: Get Involved
and/or Access resources, health, dental, citizenship applications