2024 Lobby Days

Upcoming Dates
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Understanding Lobby Days

Lobbying is sharing your point of view, story, and/or lived experience with your legislator to influence them to support or oppose certain bills. Everyone is the expert of their own lived experience, and there is power in sharing your story in community and with decision-makers who have an influence on our lives.

What are the goals of Equality Virginia’s Lobby Days?

We want to show lawmakers that, in every district, there are queer and trans Virginians and their allies who will show up when equity is on the line. Even when lawmakers are already supportive of queer and trans issues, sharing our stories of joy and resilience equips them to show up for us in informed ways that center our humanity.


At our Lobby Days, you can expect to receive an in-depth look at the legislative process in Virginia, information about the proposed bills affecting queer and trans Virginians during the 2024 legislative session, and training on key talking points to help guide your conversation with your legislators. You will also get to meet and connect with other advocates from all over Virginia, and be a part of collective movement building that will continue to be important even after the General Assembly session ends.

I’m new to lobbying, what next?

We will be hosting a Lobby Day Prep Session a few days before each Lobby Day. Keep a look out for an email with more information on this as your Lobby Day gets closer! Additionally, there are no requirements or expectations for how you show up on Lobby Days. If you’d like to be part of the experience, but not necessarily speak to lawmakers, that is completely welcome.

When can I join?

Equality Virginia is hosting at least 4 Lobby Days this year! The dates are: 
  • Monday, January 15th
  • Monday, January 29th
  • Monday, February 12th (also our 3rd annual Valentine’s Day Letter Drop!)
  • Monday, February 26th
  • Monday, March 4th (Tentatively) 

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