Youth Support

We’re creating a Virgina where all LGBTQ+ youth have the support and dignity to thrive. Youth are our future. There’s no time to wait to support our youth.



Pride Liberation Project

A youth-led advocacy group for the state of Virginia. PLP strives to empower LGBTQIA+ youth through community engagement, lobbying, advocacy, and policy change. They engage in community outreach, lobbying, and testifying during General Assembly. 

Program/service: Advocacy and Policy Change
Purpose: To build a strong community of queer students across Virginia that advocate for inclusive policies within schools.
Eligibility: LGBTQIA+ student K-12 in Virginia
Forms/materials needed: Interest Form


Scaffolding Advocacy and Inclusive Leadership, Inc.

SAIL operates as a collaborative third party that offers diversity workshops, training, and consultations. They do their best to analyze procedures, processes, and systems within the organization to learn how to shift the narrative to a more inclusive and welcoming environment.

Program/service: Consultations and Trainings
Purpose: To provide diversity education that promotes a more inclusive work, school, or business environment
Audience: Organizations, schools, groups, or institutions interested in engaging in diversity trainings
Eligibility: Ability to hold space for trainings and travel compensation for trainers
Forms/materials needed: Interest Form

Rise for Youth

Rise aims to restructure the youth prison model by creating community activities that promote growth. They hope that the increase of healthy communities will create alternative outcomes for youth, and combat social and racial justice.

Program/service: Community-based alternatives to youth incarceration
Purpose: To create a healthy community that supports the growth and wellness of the youth within it in order to decrease the number of incarcerations.
Eligibility: Youth in Virginia
Forms/materials needed: Share a story

Shenandoah LGBTQ Center

Shenendoah LGBTQ Center aims to provide a safe community for LGBTQ individuals through advocacy, education, and programs. They utilize their relationship with key stakeholders and community partnerships to transform the hearts and minds of their community. They offer housing services, support groups, and aid in finding healthcare solutions. 

Program/service: Hope House
Purpose: To provide housing solutions and support to those in rural Virginia
Any eligibility requirements: young adults between the ages of 18 and 24 who reside in Augusta County, Staunton, Waynesboro, Rockbridge County, Lexington, Buena Vista, Bath County, Highland County, Rockingham County, or Harrisonburg.
Forms/materials needed: Sign Up


Advocates for Richmond Youth

Advocates for Richmond Youth is a group of young adults who aims to prevent youth homelessness and housing insecurity throughout the city. Advocates for Richmond Youth is composed of young adults who have experienced homelessness and strive to create youth-specific housing resources, accessible housing options, and information surrounding housing insecurity.

Program/service: Advocacy and Public Education
Purpose: To end stigma around homelessness by mobilizing homeless youth to help break barriers surrounding accessible housing.
Audience: Housing insecure or homeless youth/young adults in Richmond
Forms/materials needed: Contact

Sexual Minority Youth Assistance League (SMYAL)

SMYAL strives to empower LGBTQIA+ youth and educate communities through leadership development opportunities, after-school programs, conferences, and counseling. They place emphasis on building youths’ advocacy skills and providing necessary access to resources. They also believe in educating those who serve youth through training programs centered around sexual health, working with youth who are undocumented, understanding pronouns, healthy relationships, and many more. 

Program/service: Youth Programs
Purpose: To provide a safe space for queer and trans youth to express themselves and build community
Eligibility: LGBTQIA+ youth ages 6-24
Forms/materials needed: Youth


The Trevor Project

The Trevor Project is an organization set out to provide 24/7 support and information to LGBTQIA+ youth nationwide. They offer support from trained counselors, a plethora of educational resources, and an online community building space for young LGBTQIA+ people.

Program/service: TREVORSpace
Purpose: To build an international affirming community space for LGBTQIA+ youth.
Eligibility: Must be between 13-24 years old
Forms/materials needed: Join TrevorSpace

Side by Side

Side by Side is an organization dedicated to empowering and supporting LGBTQIA+ youth of Virginia. They aim to create spaces for LGBTQIA+ youth to define themselves, find a sense of belonging, and to flourish. They offer a variety of support groups for both youth and parents or caregivers that aid members in navigating identities with a focus on mental and emotional well-being. In addition, they provide counseling, housing services, and drop-in hours as well.

Program/service: Support Groups & Counseling (Youth must be referred to counseling by staff member or support group facilitator )
Purpose: To provide an opportunity for LGBTQIA+ youth or parents/caregivers to find a community, learn more about their identity, develop healthy coping skills, and enjoy themselves.
Eligibility: LGBTQIA+ youth between the ages of 11-25
Forms/materials needed to sign up: Younger than 13 or 13+ years old


The Trevor Project

The Trevor Project is an organization set out to provide 24/7 support and information to LGBTQIA+ youth nationwide. They offer support from trained counselors, a plethora of educational resources, and an online community building space for young LGBTQIA+ people.

Program/service: Counselor Services
Purpose: To provide immediate support to those thinking about harming themselves.
Eligibility: Must be in the United States
Forms/materials needed: Get Help